Friday, July 9, 2010

Whew! Getting the hang of this.

As I was planning all-along to do a hybrid of GNS3 and Lab Rentals, I went ahead and bought the standard INE workbooks (not the Dynamips version).  Well, there has been a bit of a learning curve with that.  I had to learn about re-mapping the ports b/c of only 16 ports on the ESW modules (as opposed to the 24 on the real 3560/3550s) and configuring all the router ports as fixed 100/FULL.  Then, I had to learn to THROW AWAY the Phy Diagram, and rely on the Logical and "Sh CDP Neigh" to get the configs done!  That, and not to take all of the solutions for INE Vol I too literally b/c there are some errors in the tasks and the order of the tasks may not match the verification.  That only improves your troubleshooting skills though!

If you run into any of the same issues, there's plenty of discussion on the INE forum, or feel free to drop me a line.  I'm once again re-assured that the INE materials will be particular b/c of the support from the instructors and forums.

I'm going to come up with a realistic schedule to finish Vol I once I get rolling and see how much I can reasonably cover each week.

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