Monday, July 5, 2010

GNS3 Up and Running

I recently spent a day getting my new server (AthlonII-Quad, 4 Gig RAM, Windows 7 64-bit) up and running with the INE topology.   I ran into a few snags along the way:

1. UltraVNC is the best VNC App with Windows 7, as it is a 64-bit app and runs fast.  RealVNC and TightVNC are still 32-bit and are awefully slow.  A few notes aboue UltraVNC:

  • Be sure to set a different password for the view-only Password than you do for the VNC Password
  • In the admin properties "disable viewers inputs" must be disabled - I had to uncheck before mouse inputs would work it worked.
2. With GNS3, I had to split the INE topology into two hypervisors to get it to work. Otherwise I could only emulate 10 routers are a time!  Thanks to Mady Cisse over on the INE boards with the assist:

My settings of interest were:

  • mmap = False
  • idlepc = 0x60c05948
  • IOS 12.4-15-.t11
With this setup, my CPU is running around 35%.  Now, time to do some real work!

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