Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Familiarize yourself with v4 Lab Interface

The v4 Lab Interface is way different than in past times.  In summary, here are some interesting changes:

1. New Lab Delivery System.
2. NO PAPER Lab Workbook.  Everything is now on Lab Delivery System app.
3. Uses Putty WITHOUT Tabbed sessions.
4. It is a little kludgy, so get used to it!

Don't waste a lab attempt not being familiar with these important changes!

Here's a good video demo:


  1. Awsome mate. Keep going, I definetly need people like you to motivate me towards my lab.

    I completed my CCIE R&S Written on 5th of this month so about to start my journey towards the Holy Grail of networking CCIE Lab.

    I will be following tour blog....

    All the very best in your Journey


  2. Added you to my roll.

    Good luck going forward and especially in October!